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Tanium Resilience Gap Study

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The Problem with Traditional Performance Monitoring Tools

Traditional performance monitoring tools:

  • Lack comprehensive visibility into endpoint performance and rely on users to report issues.
  • Lack scalable monitoring and fail to identify the root cause of underlying performance issues.
  • Lack sufficient troubleshooting functionality and do not address relevant performance issues.
  • Lack the ability to proactively and fundamentally fix performance issues in the environment.

Traditional performance monitoring tools limit organizations from effectively monitoring and remediating to a small number of systems, leaving most performance issues uninvestigated and unaddressed.

What Tomorrow Looks Like With Tanium

Tanium provides continuous performance monitoring of your endpoint environment without the risk of overloading the network.

Monitor a wide range of granular performance-relevant data such as CPU memory, hardware resource consumption data, system crashes and more.

Improve End User Experience
Improve End User Experience
Find and Fix High-Impact Issues First
Find and Fix High-Impact Issues First
Find Unknown Performance Problems
Find Unknown Performance Problems
Minimize Performance Issues
Minimize Performance Issues
Troubleshoot Performance Issues Faster
Troubleshoot Performance Issues Faster
Make Smarter Endpoint Decisions
Make Smarter Endpoint Decisions

Find and Remediate Performance Issues From a Single Platform

Receive Proactive Reporting on Unreported Issues

Tanium provides help desk teams with additional reporting about new issues found within the environment.

Ask Questions to Online Endpoints at Any Time

Tanium allows you to ask any natural language question you want, at any time, to your online endpoints.

Conduct Enriched “Root Cause” Investigations

Tanium combines real-time and historical data to perform very specific investigations into incidents.

Make Better Informed Asset Management Decisions

Tanium provides the data needed to make strategic decisions about when assets have actually worn through their effectiveness.

Operating on a global scale provides a lot of challenges when it comes to knowing your environment. For the first time, we’ve been able to get a fast and accurate picture of our environment with Tanium.

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Why Tanium for Performance Monitoring?

By replacing legacy tools and manual processes with a lightweight, intuitive, comprehensive solution, Tanium makes performance monitoring:


Apply historical data and environmental context to known issues and help resolve at the root cause.


Rapidly scan enterprise-scale environments, and monitor new endpoints as soon as they connect to the network.


Reduce firefighting and shift your focus to resolving potential issues before they emerge.


Monitor performance on a wide range of endpoints and take a comprehensive suite of investigation and remediation actions to help fix the problems you find.


Analyze performance issues and resolve them in real time – as soon as they are reported.


Capture performance data in your environment – and help resolve issues – in one central platform.


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