Build Your Business With Tanium

Join the Tanium Partner Advantage program to bring new opportunities and growth to your business.

We’re creating a world-class ecosystem of partners that can deliver, implement, manage, and extend our platform. Bring real- time visibility and comprehensive endpoint control to your customers so they can rapidly respond to whatever comes next.

How Tanium Drives Partner Success

We give you the tools, training and the go-to-market support you need to build your business.

<h4>Innovative Technology</h4>

Innovative Technology

The Tanium Platform’s modular architecture makes it easy for you to address our mutual customers’ immediate needs. Expand your engagements as each customer’s objectives evolve. We provide you with the tools and playbooks for building complimentary services around our cloud-native endpoint platform.

<h4>Program Flexibility</h4>

Program Flexibility

Tanium Partner Advantage program is built on the belief that every partner is unique. Our flexible program structure allows all kinds partners — who share our vision and are willing to invest — an equal opportunity to thrive in the Tanium partner ecosystem.

<h4>Extensive Sales Support</h4>

Extensive Sales Support

Build pipeline and grow revenue with Tanium by taking advantage of co- selling opportunities, demand generation campaigns, and engagement support. Our simple and profitable opportunity registration provides transparency and protects your deals.

<h4>On-Demand Training</h4>

On-Demand Training

Take advantage of robust training resources from day one to start building and refining your Tanium expertise — across sales and technical areas. We give you always-on access to sales, technical, and marketing resources through our partner portal.

Why Partners Choose Tanium

Partners are the key to our success. To support you, we designed a partner-first program that makes it simple, easy and profitable to help our mutual customers address their biggest IT and security challenges.

Business Motions

We provide a flexible, route-neutral program that allows our partners to engage with us across all business motions that align to how you serve your customers.

Services Partners

Expand and strengthen your service portfolio by integrating Tanium into your offerings. Our service partners include consultants, system integrators and managed service providers.

Flexible Structure

Our program adapts to your business model, whether you perform assessments and migrations, offer industry vertical solutions, or provide managed services.

Technical Enablement

Our portal offers the same technical training we give our teams, complemented by accreditations, certifications and not-for-resale licenses. Our teams will help guide you through resourcing and playbooks to monetize your expertise.

Solution Partners

Offer your customers market-leading endpoint tools by selling, implementing or operationalizing Tanium. Our solution partners include resellers serving customers from large, global leaders to emerging and growing organizations.

Demand Generation

Our partner portal provides out-of-the-box demand generation, sales and marketing materials to help you build pipeline faster. Our cloud-native Tanium as a Service accelerate deal cycles.

Expanded Customer Base

Build new opportunities and grow your support for existing customers with pricing and discounts that build your sales and increase profitability.

Comprehensive Management

Help your customers regain control of their endpoint devices. Our platform delivers industry-leading endpoint visibility, giving you and your customers a unified system of record.

Technology Partners

Differentiate your technology and deliver leading-edge functionality when you leverage Tanium’s real-time visibility. Our technology partners include both out-of-the-box integrations and joint-solution offerings with shared sales and marketing activities.

Real-Time Visibility & Control

Our platform enriches your product offering by weaving real-time endpoint data and controls throughout your processes and systems.

Brand Awareness

Our program provides access to our network of customers and supports joint marketing, sales campaigns, event and PR opportunities.

Self-Service Integrations

Our developer portal includes self-service tools, support and API documentation to build and validate integrations between your application and the Tanium Platform.


Join Our Ecosystem of World-Class Partners

With the Tanium Partner Advantage program, we can solve the world’s most difficult security, compliance and IT operations challenges, together.

By combining the power of the Tanium Platform with your company’s expertise, experience and technology, we can provide our mutual customers revolutionary capabilities to view, manage, control and protect their endpoint devices with speed, agility and confidence.